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Welcome to the official website of The Atlantic Senior Fours 2023.
Bowls Cyprus in partnership with Constantinou Bros Hotels are delighted to be hosting
this prestigious bowls event and we hope you can join us.
Browse the site to find out more.

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ASF 2023 logo_edited.jpg

Bowls Cyprus in partnership with Constantinou Bros Hotels are delighted to be hosting

The Atlantic Senior Fours 2023.


This event, which has been approved by World Bowls, will be held at the Athena Beach hotel Paphos Cyprus

between 1st and 12th December 2023 and will be live streamed on and our YouTube channel

You can also follow us on Facebook   Twitter   YouTube  and  Instagram

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The hotel is in a picturesque setting and is well known to the international bowling community having been used for

the 2007 & 2009 EBU Championships, the 2011 & 2015 Atlantic Championships and the 2012 Champion of Champions.

Up to 16 rinks will be available for the event and all are up to international standards with floodlights.


In order to maintain a great atmosphere all day, every day, players are encouraged to stay at the Athena Beach Hotel

(refer to the General Terms and Conditions)

where they can enjoy the excellent facilities offered by the hotel and develop friendships with their fellow competitors.

In addition, we have invited some well known names from the bowling world to attend

as our guests to watch the event and meet with the competitors.


The event will comprise three separate Fours competitions - Ladies, Gents and Mixed.

Entry is by invitation only to Member National Authorities (MNA's) within

 Europe, the Americas, Oceania and Africa Regions of World Bowls.

Each MNA will be invited to send up to 2 teams in all disciplines.

For planning purposes it has been assumed that the mixed teams will be drawn from the teams entering the Ladies and Gents competitions although that will be for individual MNA’s to decide. If any MNA enters 2 teams to any discipline we guarantee that one team (the first team) will be entered with the second team going on a reserve list.

This entry only being accepted when we are certain that we can accommodate a second team.


All competitors must be over the age of 55 at 1st April 2023.

Allan Thornhill is our Chief ITO and Gary Smith our Tournament Director.


We look forward to your participation in the 2023 Atlantic Senior Fours and seeing you at the Athena Beach Hotel in Cyprus.


Ann Allman
Event Manager

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Message from Tina Woodcock, President of Bowls Cyprus (2022-2023)


It is a great pleasure and privilege for me as President of Bowls Cyprus to be involved in

the Atlantic Senior Fours 2023 which is to be held in Paphos Cyprus from 1st to 12th December 2023.


The Athena Beach Hotel complex, owned by the Constantinou Bros, is a marvelous setting for such a competition with three fantastic bowling greens.

The Hotel has a brilliant reputation for its quality and friendliness.


The two airports of Cyprus, Larnaca and Paphos, give easy access to Paphos and the island is well known for its good weather and hospitality.


Many international events including the Champion of Champions and The Atlantics have been held at the Athena and the whole experience has been greatly enjoyed by players, officials and supporters.


I look forward to welcoming all teams to this great innovative and unique competition.


Tina Woodcock

 President, Bowls Cyprus (2022-2023)

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Bowls Cyprus in partnership with Constantinou Bros Hotels delivering the Atlantic Senior Fours 2023



Athena Beach Hotel

Bowls Cyprus are delighted to be in partnership with Constantinou Bros Hotels to deliver the Atlantic Senior Fours 2023.

Upcoming Events

  • Atlantic Senior Fours 2023
    Atlantic Senior Fours 2023
    Fri, 01 Dec
    Constantinou Bros Athena Beach Hotel
    01 Dec, 08:30 EET – 12 Dec, 20:00 EET
    Constantinou Bros Athena Beach Hotel, Poseidonos Ave 6, Paphos 8101, Cyprus
    Ladies, Gents and Mixed rinks.


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Atlantic Senior Fours 2023

Conditions of Play




DATE  1st to 12th December 2023


Constantinou Bros Hotels, Paphos, Cyprus

Gary Smith

Allan Thornhill


Martin McMillan (Chairman)

Ann Allman (Event Manager, Bowls Cyprus/CBH)  

Yvonne Veitch (Assistant Event Manager, Bowls Cyprus)

 Maria Simmans (Sponsorship Manager, Bowls Cyprus)

Jane Hewitt - Chief National Technical Officer

Trevor Allman (CBH Liaison)

and others as required.



1.1    All Member National Authorities in the Europe, Africa, Oceania and Americas Regions as defined by World Bowls can enter teams in this event.

1.2    All players must be affiliated with their National Authority that is a member of World Bowls.

1.3    All players must be aged 55 or over as of 1st April 2023


2.1    This is a Fours Competition to include teams of 4 gents, 4 ladies and mixed teams of two gents and two ladies, each player playing 2 bowls. Each MNA can enter a maximum of two gents teams, two ladies teams and two mixed teams with one team being guaranteed a place and the second team going on a reserve list. Players in the mixed teams may also have played in the gents/ladies competitions. Each game will be 15 ends with a time limit of 2 hours 30 mins excluding trial ends. Should a game be stopped due to extreme weather, the time limit will be extended by the equivalent amount of the time for the delay.

The time limit will not apply in the finals.


    1. The gents and ladies competitions will commence with sectional play. For the gents competition there will be 2 Sections and no MNA will have two teams in the same section. The top 4 teams from each section will go forward to the knock out stage which will proceed as follows:-

      1. QF1 - The winner of Section 1 will play the 4th placed team in Section 2 (Game A);

      2. QF2 – The runner-up in Section 1 will play the 3rd placed team in Section 2 (Game B);

      3. QF3 – The 3rd placed team in Section 1 will play the 2nd placed team in Section 2 (Game C);

      4. QF4 – The 4th placed team in Section 1 will play the winner of Section 2 (Game D);

      5. SF1 – The winner of Game A will play the winner of Game C;

      6. SF2 – The winner of Game B will play the winner of Game D.


For the ladies competition there will be one Section and the top four teams will go forward to the knock out stage which will proceed as follows:-


a) SF1 – The winner of the Section will play the 4th placed team in the Section;

b) SF2 – The runner-up in the Section will play the 3rd placed team in the Section.

2.3    The mixed competition will be a knock out format from the outset using a random draw.

2.4    A signal will be given five minutes before the time fixed for starting each session. Any team arriving after the official starting time will lose the right to play trial ends. Any team arriving at the green more than 15 minutes after the official starting time will forfeit the game and the points for that game or not progress through to the next round.

2.5    The names that appear on the scorecard of the first game will be regarded as the team and will remain throughout the entire competition. There can be no sideways movement of players between men’s teams, ladies teams or mixed teams from the same MNA.

2.6    During the competition, changes in the player positions will be permitted before the commencement of each game.

The Umpire on duty should be notified as a matter of courtesy.

3.    MEDALS 

3.1    In each competition, gold medals will be presented to the winners, silver medals to the runners up

and bronze medals to the losing semi-finalists.


4.1    Start of Play – Play will commence with the appointed official signaling the start time by a bell, horn, etc.

4.2    End of Play – At the completion of the allocated time, the appointed official will signal the end time of play by a bell, horn, etc. At this time players will complete the current end they are playing.

(The start of an end is determined by the delivery of the jack by the first player in that end). 


5.1    Sectional play

a)    The team with the greatest number of games won is the winner of the section. All other teams will be ranked accordingly. 
b)    If games won are equal, then the team with the highest number of points will be ranked higher (three points will be awarded for a win, one point for a draw). 
c)    If games won and points are equal, then the team with the highest net total of shots (‘shots for’ minus ‘shots against’) will be ranked higher.
d)    If games won, points, and net total of shots are all equal, then the team with the lowest number of ‘shots against’ will be ranked higher. 
e)    If there is still equality having applied the criteria described in points a) to d) above, then the team that won the game between the teams that are equal will be ranked higher.
f)    If the game between the teams that are equal is drawn, then the first team in the drawn game to win an end will be ranked higher. 


6.1    The Controlling Body reserves the right to alter the format, times of play and greens to suit local unforeseen circumstances, giving as much notice as practical.

6.2    Where a programme is interrupted or cannot be completed due to inclement weather or local conditions, the Controlling Body may amend the format and length of games to achieve a result or postpone the event where an outcome cannot be achieved.

6.3    If in the event of inclement weather any game that cannot be completed will be considered a result if 8 or more ends have been completed.


7.1    See Law 4 of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls.


8.1    One trial end in each direction will be allowed for all games in accordance with Law 5.1. In trial ends players can use any combination of bowls taken from different sets so long as all bowls carry a registered World Bowls stamp of either the current year or a future year. 

8.2    Trial ends will commence fifteen minutes prior to the official starting time.


9.1    If a jack in motion passes completely outside the boundaries of the rink of play, comes to rest in any hollow in the face of the bank, or rebounds to a distance of less than 20 meters from the mat line, the end should not be declared dead. Instead, the jack should be placed with the nearest point of the jack to the mat line at the central 2 meter spot. 

9.2    If the spot is partly or completely covered by a bowl, the jack should be as close as possible to the covered spot, in line with that spot and the corresponding spot at the opposite end of the rink, without touching a bowl (Law 56.5.4. refers).


10.1    Prior to the start of each end, the leads and seconds will take their position at the mat-end of the green. The thirds, however, may elect to take their position either at the mat end or alongside the skip at the head. 

10.2    Players will only be allowed to walk up to the head under the following circumstances:-

a)    the leads – after the second player in their team has delivered their second bowl; 
b)    the seconds – after delivery of their second bowl; 
c)    the thirds – after delivery of their second bowl; and 
d)    the skips – after delivery of each of their bowls. 

10.3    In exceptional and limited circumstances, a skip can ask that a player walks up to the head earlier than described above.

10.4    When a player at the head walks up to the mat to deliver their first bowl, their direct opponent can remain at the head until that bowl has come to rest before walking up the mat to deliver their own first bowl. If a player does not meet the terms of this law, Law 13 will apply.


11.1    The Controlling Body is empowered to invoke regulations for dealing with slow play as it considers appropriate.

11.2    Players are required to play without undue delay and in a manner which does not prevent their opponents from being able to complete the requisite number of ends within the 2 hours 30 mins permitted.

11.3    If one of the skips or one of the coaches makes an appeal to the Umpire that, due to the actions of their opponents their team is being prevented from playing all their bowls within the 2 hours 30 mins permitted, the Umpire will tell the offending team that the time limit of the game will be extended to allow 15 ends to be played.



12.1    A substitute can be utilised in the following manner:-

a)    The Coach (provided she/he is an eligible affiliated player) of the team shall herself/himself substitute or call upon an eligible affiliated player from her/his National Authority to substitute;
b)    Each team may utilise a substitute but where an MNA has entered two men’s or two ladies teams, the same substitute cannot be utilised for both teams;
c)    In the mixed competition one and the same male and/or one and the same female player may be used as a substitute at any time, providing that they have not already played or entered the same competition. However, at least one of the original men and one of the original women shall play in every round;
d)    Where no suitable substitute from a competing MNA is available, the host nation will provide a pool of three players of each gender from their national squad who can act as substitute. The Coach or skip from the team requiring the substitute will draw from the pool;
e)    It will be understood, however, that a substitute in terms of the foregoing, may only be utilised if the Tournament Director is satisfied that the player to be substituted is genuinely unable to play. The substitute will not be permitted to play in the position of skip;
f)    A substitute can remain in the team up to and including the final if necessary, however after the first game when the substitution was made, the said substitute will become a replacement player and Condition e) above regarding not being permitted to skip will no longer apply;
g)    Substituted players can return to their team in any following game in the sectional play or if the team progresses to the quarter finals or beyond if the reason for the substitution is overcome.

13.    COACHES

13.1    A maximum of two Coaches (Team Managers) per MNA will be permitted.


14.1    As per the Laws of the Sport of Bowls. 


15.1    All bowls used during the event must carry a legible registered World Bowls stamp of either the current year or of a future year.  

15.2    All bowls will be checked for compliance by ITOs/Umpires during the trial ends.


16.1    Spray chalk is the preferred method of marking touchers in all games.


17.1   The event may be subject to drug testing. All Competitors and Officials are expected to be aware of and abide by World Bowls Regulations including those relating to the Code of Conduct/Ethics and disciplinary issues.

Full details are available on the World Bowls website


18.1    All other Laws, Regulations & Policies other than stated above shall conform to the Laws of the Sport of Bowls

Crystal Mark Third Edition as approved by World Bowls in August 2014. 

July 2022


  1. Accommodation for players & Coaches/Team Managers


Accommodation dates

     30th November - 13th December 2023

Number of rooms     -    150

For all reservations made directly with Constantinou Brothers (CB) Hotels the organizers are offering 4* accommodation with inland view to all players and Coaches/Team Managers at a standard rate of €72 per person per day with twin occupancy for the duration of the event and covering bed, breakfast, light lunch#, water at all greens during games, the Welcome reception and the Presentation Dinner##. The organizers are also offering the following supplements per person per day:-


Single Occupancy €18

Sea View €12

Full Board (Dinner) €18

Limited sea view €6


All players and Coaches/Team Managers either not staying at CB Hotels or who book to stay at CB Hotels via other channels other than direct, will be required to pay €45 per person per day for the duration of the event. The daily charge will cover light lunch# and other services provided by the organizers. Those paying this daily charge for the duration of the event will also be entitled to attend the Welcome reception and the Presentation Dinner## at no extra charge.


# Light lunch will include a soft drink or water.

## Presentation Dinner will include a half bottle of wine per person plus water.


NB For all other people wishing to attend, the Presentation Dinner will cost €50.



2. Point of entry to Cyprus


At present, for events of this type, Bowls Cyprus is required to confirm to the Cyprus Government that all players, Coaches/Team Managers and other officials entered Cyprus via a legal point of entry (i.e. Larnaca or Paphos airports or the port of Limassol). If that requirement prevails in December 2023, Bowls Cyprus reserves the right to request such personnel to demonstrate they complied with that restriction.


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